Xtreme Indoor Go Karts Thornton is determined to ensure you have a exciting and thrilling time while keeping you and other drivers safe. We do this by ensuring all our equipment and staff operate at the highest levels of both performance and safety. However we do ask you fulfill your part and understand the rules are to keep both you, other drivers and our staff safe.

Dress Requirements

1.    Enclosed shoes are required

2.    Hair to be fastened up

3.    No loose clothing


1.    We recommend a minimum age of 12

2.    Min height of 140cm

3.    Zero alcohol, no refunds given if you start the event and this breach becomes known.

4.    Dangerous driving, either deliberate or unintentional, will not be tolerated for safety reasons. Red flags will be given and are recorded against your record. If this behavior continues our systems will shut down the event. This rule must be enforced to ensure all customers are kept safe.

5.    Bookings require a $10 per driver deposit to confirm the booking. Until this deposit is paid your booking is not confirmed. Bookings are non refundable for failure to arrive or cancellations within 7 days of event.

Understand the Flags

The blue flag is to inform you that a faster driver is behind and you are required to move aside and let them through. 
If you receive this flag do not panic, move to the outside of the track and the faster driver will then pass you.

The red flag is given for dangerous driving. If you receive more then 1 red flag for the event you are at risk of being asked to sit out the remainder of the event due to safety breaches.

In Closing

Our track, karts and staff will ensure you have the time of your life. Our rules are enforced to keep both you and others safe. The best experiences are always found when clean, respectful and responsible racing is undertaken.