Racing Leagues - Winter Racing League Starts 15th June
The league will meet each fortnight over 8 rounds and will give you the opportunity to sharpen your Xtreme go karting skills. Points will be awarded after each round based on your performance relative to other drivers. At the end of the series the driver with the most points wins (The Autumn 2016 league will no longer drop the lowest points round from each driver).

Costs and prize money

The total cost is $50 per driver per round. This includes $5 prize money which goes to the total prize pool. Your Xtreme Indoor Go Kart annual license will need to be valid and can be renewed for $5/year.
Prize money will be awarded on the final nights racing based on the following:
1st place: 50%
2nd place: 30%
3rd place: 20%
Trophies will be awarded on the final nights racing

Race night schedule

Each round will consist of the following format:
6.00pm Registration
6.30pm Briefing
6.35pm Sprint Qualify
6.50pm Race 1
7.15pm Race 2

Racing rules

1.    BLUE FLAG - you must move to the right hand side of the track and let the faster driver behind you past. Do not stop, but slow down enough to let the kart/s overtake safely. The kart overtaking must do so in a safe manner with no direct contact. The blue flag will be shown, with combindation of how many drivers to let by via a hand signal, when necessary during the qualifying session and will be show in the race if you are being lapped.
2.    RED FLAG - will be given when our official deems you have driven in an unsafe manner as follows:
o    Directly hitting another kart or hitting a barrier
o    If you cause another kart to lose control, spin or disadvantage another driver
o    Ignoring the blue flag
o    Speeding through pit lane
3.    The first red flag wil be a warning. The second red flag will be a drive through penalty, and the third red flag will be a disqualification of the race and must return to the pits
4.    Our officials have the right to shit down/slow down any kart that is either being lapped or for misconduct. It is our official's responsibility to keep you safe and if this action is taken, there is to be no further discussions or objections
5.    Flashing yellow light situation means all karts will be slowed and there is to be NO overtaking. If you overtake during this time you will be called into the pits for a 10 second stop/go penalty.
6.    A red light means that the session has ended, hold that position and return to the pits at walking pace.
7.    All karts assigned will be random
8.    No compensation or alteration to the race results will be given for mechanical issues during a session. Mechanical issues happen in all forms of motor racing and racing league is no exception

Remaining 2016 Autumn Race Dates

                                                                MAY 25th 

                               Leader Board Autumn 2016

2016 Autumn Racing League Point Score
Things are heating up! Finals on the 8th June. Come all and watch.
Sun - Thu: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Fri: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Bookings are essential
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