Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I wear my own helmet and other protective gear?
A. Yes you can wear your own helment as long as it meets Australian Standards requirements and has not been seriously damaged. Your are also welcome to bring racing gloves as well.

Q. How old does a driver have to be to drive your karts?
A.  The driver is not limited by age, but by height, they must be 140cm tall.  Shorter drivers can drive, but they must be motor sportwise and strong enough to stear and control the kart.  If in doubt please give us a call to discuss on 02-4966-1966

Q. Can I wear bare feet or thongs?
A. No, you must wear enclose footwear (we do have a limited range of loan shoes if you arrive without).

Q. Do I need to book?
A.  It's always wise to book, especially on rainy days, Friday nights, weekends and Public Holidays or if you have a large group.  When booking standard racing you will need to secure your race with a deposit of $10.00 per person.  Additional deposits will be required when catering or for a large event.

Q. What clothes should I wear?
A. Enclosed shoes, shorts, jeans, preferably a collared shirt (to save seat belt rubbing). Generally tight fitting clothes as any loose scarf, jewelry etc will need to be removed for safety reasons.  Hoodies will need to be tucked into the back.